Sunday, September 10, 2006

So... let's begin by recounting a story from my distant childhood.

I attended a moderately famous institution of higher learning in PA - you know, the author of the last sports championship the city of Philadephia celebrated? Anyway, as a good (?) Catholic youth attending a Catholic university (any clearer now?), I would attend mass on Sunday. Occasionally. When I wasn't too hung over.

This one particular Sunday, a kid - who happened to play water polo for the school (and BTW, water polo is the toughest sport to play of them all. Period. All the passing demands of basketball, the speed of soccer, and oh yes, the added joy of your defender trying to drown you as a method of denying you the ball. Let's see D-Wade make that jumper while coughing up a lung-full of chlorinated water. Wimp) - appeared in the communion line wearing a 'STUDY NAKED' t-shirt.

Very Funny.

But, for some of the uber-conservative LL Bean wearing crowd (who had filled in the pews around me. Thanks, guys) this was an Affront to God, and required the frowining of a lifetime (Oh, look at him, that's disgusting).

Why do I mention this? Because today I appeared at church clad in my finest softball regalia. Right from the diamond. (we won 12-10, I went 2-3, thanks, thanks for asking). And was greeted with some of the same looks I remember were presented to that kid with the 'STUDY NAKED' shirt.

Believers are asked to keep holy the sabbath day. For all God has given me, I don't think spending an hour in church is too much to give back.

Do you really think GOD CARES what I wear to church?

I'm quite sure, should I get to the pearly gates, St. Peter isn't going to say, "well, you lived a reasonably good life, but you wore those smelly gym clothes to church, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"

Focus on what's being said. Pray for an end to the suffering rampant in the world. Concentrate on that, not my smelly Samarzdija jersey.

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